Müller Ice Cap Daily report Tuesday May 9th

Müllers ice cap 2023 Tuesday May 9th

The Müllers radar team united at Resolute.

Today we made it to Resolute flying 4 hours with a touch down at Arctic Bay. The weather was perfect and the landscape stunning. In Resolute we were picked up by Vincent from PCSP, who really made us feel welcome. Later we were briefed by Tom from PCSP and we started going through all the cargo in the very well-equipped PCSP warehouse. What a wonderful place.

We meet Alison Criscitiello coming out from fieldwork on White Glacier and got to know Lauren Thomson too is flying out to Resolute tomorrow.

Later the AWI Basler arrived with our last team member Daniel Steinhage. Also, Daniela Janson was onboard and has been very busy processing the air-born Müllers data so we can see it tomorrow and the Basler can head South towards Churchill.

All in all, a wonderful day where we also meet the pilots Alan Gilbertson and Jim Haffey, who both flew from EGRIP last year.

What we have done:

1.      1. Flew from Iqaluit over Arctic Bay to Resolute

2.       2. Checked in at PCSP in Resolute

3.       3. Identified the cargo from Greenland, Winnipeg and Copenhagen.

4.       4. Started to track missing shipment from Copenhagen

Weather. In Resolute we have blue sky, medium wind and -15 to 10 deg C.

Figure caption: Tamara, David and Niels organizing equipment in the PCSP warehouse.

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