Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Thursday May 25th

Getting ready to leave

The forecast for tomorrow, Friday is good, sunshine all day, which we have not had all the days we have been here. Talking to Tom at PCSP at 7:30 am we hear that the plan is three pull-out Twin Otters tomorrow. Could not be better. THANKS Tom. As we don't really trust we will get good weather this report is written in the morning of Friday and the weather actually IS good. No wind and sunshine. We spent Thursday continuing the hand auger core at the Summit point and reached 6.6 m. The core consists of firn with ice layers up to 10 cm. The core has been sampled in 5 cm vials for stable water isotopes and a few melt layers have been sampled too for diatoms. We pulled the full drum with mogas and placed it 45 m west of the weather station, marked with two bamboo poles. In addition, we elevated the battery at the weather station.

What we have done:

1.       Drilled the hand auger core to 6.6 m

2.       Moved the full fuel drum to the weather station

3.       Packed in camp

4.       Dug the kitchen tent and sleeping tents out of the drifts

5.       Marked a skiway and flattened the sustrugies

 Weather: Blue sky with low clouds/ground fog drifting in an out all day clearing to blue sky in the evening. Wind 9 kn from ENE in the morning dropping to nil during the day. Temperatures between -24 deg C and -18 deg C.

Figure cation:

Müller Radar Group Picture

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