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Shipping equipment north

 We have begun moving all the equipment for the field season to Resolute, Nunavut. The radar electronics arrived in late March. We shipped 230 kg, mostly food, north in mid April. Finally, the large items (radar antennas and polypod cabin) are moving north on AWI's Polar 5 later this week. Food boxed and ready to ship from Winnipeg Polypod and antennas in Muskoka, Ontario.

The 2023 field season

In May, 2023, we will conduct radar surveys to select the best site for ice-core drilling. We know that this site will likely be above 1600 m elevation near the top of the ice cap, since this is where there is minimal melt. However, we need to determine at which locations the ice thickness is conducive to ice-core drilling. We will thus measure the ice thickness from a plane (Polar 5 of the Alfred Wegener Institute) and from the ground using ice-penetrating radar. We will also make various surface measurements to understand local climate conditions.   The location of Muller Ice Cap in the Canadian Arctic. The 2023 radar logo.