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Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Tuesday May 30th

Over and out Saturday May 27 th , Dorthe and David made it to Resolute with the Twin Otter. Sunday May 28 th , Tamara started her journey south from Resolute, with the first mission to find the Lisa box, that never reached us, in Iqaluit. Irony was that a cargo plane delivered the cargo to Resolute the same evening… Tuesday May 30 th , Daniel and Niels left for Ottawa. Dorthe will leave Wednesday May 31 st and David Friday June 1 st . There are four planes each week going south with 20 seat each so it is not always possible to leave as fast a desired. We have had a good season and have successfully mapped the thickness and internal layers of the Müller ice cap. It has been a great and positive experience to be in the hands of PCSP – THANKS to all. Also, a great THANKS to the crews

Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Friday May 26th

Goodbye to Müller 2023 A great day! It is Daniels birthday. We cheated and made a birthday cake for him yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Second it is the first sunny and calm day we have had on Müller (thanks Daniel), and third PCSP arranged three missions to pull out the full camp. It went great – thanks to the captains Mike and Steve – and they used the skiway we had prepared 😊 Writing this report, Tamara, Niels and Daniel, who left on the second mission, are in Resolute, while David and Dorthe, leaving on the third and final mission, have reached EUREKA at 8:30 pm for an overnight. What we have done: 1.        Packed the whole camp 2.        Loaded three Twin Otters 3.        Reached Resolute and EUREKA 4.        Had a shower   Weather: Blue sky with

Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Thursday May 25th

Getting ready to leave The forecast for tomorrow, Friday is good, sunshine all day, which we have not had all the days we have been here. Talking to Tom at PCSP at 7:30 am we hear that the plan is three pull-out Twin Otters tomorrow. Could not be better. THANKS Tom. As we don't really trust we will get good weather this report is written in the morning of Friday and the weather actually IS good. No wind and sunshine. We spent Thursday continuing the hand auger core at the Summit point and reached 6.6 m. The core consists of firn with ice layers up to 10 cm. The core has been sampled in 5 cm vials for stable water isotopes and a few melt layers have been sampled too for diatoms. We pulled the full drum with mogas and placed it 45 m west of the weather station, marked with two bamboo poles.