Müller Ice Cap Daily report Wednesday May 10th

Packing the equipment into four loads

This was our day to organize our cargo and divide it into loads for four TwinOtter flight of 2100 lbs each. The equipment supplied by PCSP is fantastic and we were especially impressed by the large Arctic Oven we have as a kitchen tent. The day went by very fast only broken by the more than excellent meals served at the mess in the PCSP building. Around 11 am we waived goodbye to the AWI Polar 5.

We are hoping to get both TwinOtters to fly us to the Müllers ice cap tomorow but the weather might not be good enough for the put-in. We will see.

What we have done:

1.       1. Sorted out the cargo and divided it into priority groups for the four missions

2.       2. Trained putting up the kitchen and sleeping tents

3.       3. Borrowed extension rods for the Kovacs drill from Ali and received weather stations part for the permanent weather station from Laura.

4.       4. The missing Copenhagen cargo found in Iqaluit and will arrive this weekend. We will postpone the fourth mission so we can bring the spare generator and the Liza box to camp.

Weather. In Resolute we have blue sky, medium wind and -15 to 10 deg C.

Figure caption: Practicing setting up the large Arctic Oven Kitchen tent.

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