Müller Ice Cap Daily report Monday May 8th

Müllers ice cap 2023 Monday May 8th

The Müllers radar team is slowly moving up towards Resolute.

This year the mission is to make air-born and surface-based radar measurements on the Müllers ice cap to select the best site to drill a 600 m ice core next year.

Since March, radar equipment has been shipped from Greenland to Resolute. And to Muskoka, where the Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) aircraft has helped us move oversize items to Resolute. In addition, equipment has been sent from Winnipeg and Copenhagen to Resolute. Most has arrived, and now we have started to move to Resolute. Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, David Lilien and Niels Nyland traveling from Winnipeg met up with Tamara Gerber from University of Copenhagen yesterday in Ottawa. This morning we moved from Ottawa to Iqaluit and tomorrow we hope to met with Daniel Steinhage from AWI in Resolute. Daniel is with the AWI aircraft and we hope they have been flying the air-born radar lines over the Müllers ice cap today.

What we have done:

1.       Moved 9 items of baggage

2.       Had dinner with David Fisher and Luke Copland and received a lot of good advice-THANKS

Weather. In Iqaluit we have blue sky, medium wind and light frost.

Figure caption: Tamara, David and Niels with our baggage in front to Iqaluit airport.


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