Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Wednesday May 24th

Packing and eating

Tamara made American pancakes with maple sirup, peanut butter and nutella for breakfast, After breakfast we took the PolyPod apart. We now have the first load ready for retro. After lunch David and Daniel worked on the radar data while Tamara, Dorthe and Niels took the skidoos to the highest point on the ice cap (elevation 1850 m) and started a second hang auger core. We drilled and cut 5 cm samples down to 2 m and will continue tomorrow. There are many ice layers but it went a little better this time as Dorthe had attempted to sharpen the cutters with a pair of scissors. For dinner Dorthe and David made pizza in the little coleman oven- 11 pizza'a in 2 hours. They were delicious. thanks to the good sauce prepared by David.

What we have done:

1.       Disassembled the PolyPod

2.       Started a second hand auger firn core.

3.       Worked on our computers (hurra for StarLink)

4.       Enjoyed American pancakes and pizza

Weather: Blue sky with low clouds/ground fog drifting in an out all day. Wind between 0 and 12 kn, changing from SW to E. Temperatures between -24 deg C and -20 deg C.

Figure caption:

 Tamara logging the first hand auger firn core and Niels cutting it into 5 cm samples for stable water isotopes.

Pizza evening

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