Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Wednesday May 17th

Sunny Müller ice cap

After a night with strong winds (22 kn) from N, the wind went down to zero and for the first time we could actually 'see' the camp and surrounding mountains. A truly beautiful ice cap. We used the GPS to map the camp and marked a skiway SE-NW as Troy had asked for. Although all camp directions were not quite as we had intended, they are OK as the camp was put-up  in hard winds from the dominating direction SW.

Weather has been really bad in Resolute and Eureka today so the mission with load 3 (the radar electronics) has been delayed.

We had a session training with the rifles and used some time removing drifts around all tents. The rest of the day was used writing papers, catching up on paperwork, producing a camp map and learning a new card game Tichu.

What we have done:

1.       Marked a 400 m skiway SE-NW with black bags (5 bags along each side).

2.       Trained with the rifles

3.       Removed drifts around the tents

4.       David GPS directions in camp and Tamara produced a map.

Weather: Clearing to blue sky at midnight Wind from N, 22 kn during night, dropping to zero during noon and picking up to 8-10 from SW in the afternoon. Temperatures -18 deg to -13 deg.

Figure captions:

Rifle training in the sun

Map of the Müllers ice camp

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