Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Tuesday May 23th

The last day of measurements

With the deflated balloon we managed to make a downhill RES line crossing the valley at 2.5 km in the image from yesterday. We can only pull the equipment with the two Tundra 300 going downhill! Looks great with layers to the bed. After getting all equipment back to camp in stages we started packing the radar equipment. We also lifted Laura's weather station. Back in camp the wind picked up and afternoon and evening has been with winds up to 17 kn and drifting snow. With the -23 deg it is rather cold – especially when the heater (Big Buddy) failed in the kitchen tent.

What we have done:

1.       Made a second radar line

2.       Maintained the weather station

3.       Taken the antenna apart

4.       Taken the electronics out of the PolyPod and packed it.

5.       Processed the data

6.       Got the heater to work again

Weather: Sun in the morning with changing cloud cover during the day. Wind picking up from 0 kn in the morning to 17 kn from SW at dinner time. Drifting snow when the wind exceeds 12 kn. Temperatures between -23 deg C and -18 deg C.

Figure captions:

Struggling with the heater in the kitchen tent

Packing radar equipment

RES line from today

Beautiful view with mountains

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