Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Tuesday May 16th

Starlink improves life on Müller ice cap

The wind continues to be strong on the ice and our tents are half-way buried. After breakfast we decided to try the generator one more time and it worked. Smiles came up and we used the next two hours with Starlink communicating with all. The connection is really good 71 Mbps and very stable. After lunch with the wind still up to 17 kn, snow fall and drifting snow we moved the PolyPod to the calm area in front of the kitchen tent and assembled it. Then pushed it away as Marc de Keyser predicts a strong change of wind direction tonight. At 5 pm the wind dropped away and we managed to see the horizon. David prepared a wonderful Taco dinner for us and the internet café opened again.

What we have done:

1.       Started the generator

2.       Digged out and strengthened the poles around the kitchen tent

3.       Installed the Starlink system

4.       Assembled the PolyPod

5.        Put up the flag line

Weather. Overcast with snowfall and drifting snow. Visibility low clearing a little after 5 pm. Wind from WSW 14-22 kn turning to N and picking up to 10 kn at 9 pm.  Temperatures -15 deg to -10 deg.

Figure captions:

Starlink antenna in the snow drifts allowing us to open the Müller internet café

David, Daniel, Tamara and Niels assembling the PolyPod

Taco Tuesday on Müller

The Müller flag fine with the flags from Nunavut, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland and USA

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