Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Thiursday May 18th

Radar electronics arrive

Again, a windy night with winds up to 18 kn from SW, but during the morning hours the wind dropped. For us it was an exciting day with the third mission planed and confirmed by PCSP Operations at 8:30 am. As the Twin Otter was closing in ground fog totally covered our site and we could not see the Twin Otter on the first overflight. After 4-5 overflight we were getting very nervous but the Twin Otter finally came down. Hurra for Steven King. We got the radar electronics boxes and a snowmobile. The rest of the day was spent checking the connections on the electronic boxes, installing the racks in the PolyPod and the antennas on the blue balloon. The powered pumps for the balloon have still not arrived in Resolute so we had borrowed a handheld pump from PCSP. Even with the cold -20 deg C temperatures the hand pumping warmed us all up.

Pre-dinner a first attempt to bake bread in the Coleman oven followed by Pasta Alfredo. UMM.

What we have done:

1.       Received a Twin Otter

2.       Moved all cargo to camp

3.       Checked all connectors in electronic boxes are tight.

4.       Installed the electronic boxes in the PolyPod

5.       Inflated the balloon and placed the antenna panels on the balloon

6.       Tested the digital systems and half of the transmitters – all OK.

Weather: Blue sky with patches of ground fog thickening to low overcast. Wind from SW,18 kn during night, dropping to zero during noon and picking up to 5-6 from E in the evening. Temperatures -22 deg C to -20 deg C during the day.

Figure captions:

The Twin Otter captained by Steven King at Müller with the radar electronics.

Placing the radar antenna panels on the balloon.

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