Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Saturday May 20th

Saturday night

A very eventful day. During the morning the radar was tested on full transmission power and all looked great. PCSP informed us that our mission would arrive at 2 pm and the load included a second Tundra 300 as the Tundra 550 could not fit into the Twin Otter. It was great to see the Otter again and they were of very fast on the rough snow surface on Müller. During the afternoon we tried to pull the radar train with the two Tundra 300 with no luck ending up with the PolyPod and the antennas stuck 400 m from camp. Our Saturday evening started a little depressed but with stroganoff, focaccia bread, chocolate cake and a whisky the mood improved. There is a day tomorrow – we will reduce weight by removing some of the antenna elements and transmitters. Why should life be easy?

What we have done:

1.       Full power test of radar

2.       Receiving Twin Otter with a wonderful crew

3.       Visiting the Müller weather station

4.       Trying to pull the radar train (600 kg) with the two Tundra 300 skidoos

5.       Tamara squeezed her finger (but is OK)

6.       Celebrated Saturday night.

Weather: Blue sky with scattered clouds deteriorating at 2 pm to full overcast. Morning wind from NW at 9 kn shifting to 17 kn from SW at 2 pm. Temperatures -17 deg C to -13 deg C.

Figure captions:

Tamara, Dorthe, David, Daniel and Niels celebrating Saturday evening

Drone picture of camp and Radar train

The Müller weather station

Arrival of the Twin Otter to Müller camp

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