Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Monday May 15th

A rather shitty day

The wind was still high when we woke and the drifts around tents and cargo piles impressive. Great to see that we got the direction of the tents correct with the wind hitting the back of the tents. It certainly was an inside day with the first task to install the propane heater Big Buddy. This increased the indoor temperature to +15 deg. After lunch we raised the DAVIS weather station. We used the rest of the day fighting the generator inside the Arctic oven tent. Unfortunately, the HONDA EM 30i generator was delivered with the wrong wrench for the spark plug. After consulting with Sverrir at EGRIP, we decided to try to make one from the left-over aluminum pole from the weather station. 3 hours later we managed to get the spark plug out and clean it – BUT – the generator did not turn on. A depressed team had pasta Bolognese for dinner and a whisky to cheer up before bedtime.

What we have done:

1.       Installed the Big Buddy propane heater

2.       Installed the Davis weather station

3.       Worked on getting the generator running

4.       Played the Danish card game Whist

5.       Had a nap

Weather. Overcast with snowfall and drifting snow. Visibility between 50 m and 200 m. Wind from SW turning to W, 14-22 kn, Temperatures -20 deg to -15 deg.

Figure caption: Happy team successfully getting the spark plug out from the generator with a homemade wrench.

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