Müller Ice Cap Daily Report Friday May 26th

Goodbye to Müller 2023

A great day! It is Daniels birthday. We cheated and made a birthday cake for him yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Second it is the first sunny and calm day we have had on Müller (thanks Daniel), and third PCSP arranged three missions to pull out the full camp. It went great – thanks to the captains Mike and Steve – and they used the skiway we had prepared 😊

Writing this report, Tamara, Niels and Daniel, who left on the second mission, are in Resolute, while David and Dorthe, leaving on the third and final mission, have reached EUREKA at 8:30 pm for an overnight.

What we have done:

1.       Packed the whole camp

2.       Loaded three Twin Otters

3.       Reached Resolute and EUREKA

4.       Had a shower


Weather: Blue sky with clouds around and passing all day clearing to blue sky in the evening. Wind low form varying directions. Temperatures between -20 deg C and -16 deg C.

Figure captions:

360 degree view of the empty camp

Daniel's birthday cake

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